2014 ASI Member Award

Are you enrolled in six or more ASI approved programs? Those AAOMS members who are enrolled prior to May 1, 2014 are recognized and thanked annually at the AAOMS Annual Meeting. If you are not sure how many ASI approved programs that AAOMS has identified with your practice, please send an inquiry to asi_inc@aaoms.org prior to June 6, 2014, before the honorees are finalized.

FREE terminal for credit card processing

Are you aware of the limited-time offer by Bank of America Merchant Services for a new terminal for AAOMS members? The special offer was first introduced in the OMS Staff CommuniQue last week. If you did not receive the e-publication, please go to the past issues displayed on the ASI site and click on the first quarter issue for 2014.

Office Depot introduces new card for AAOMS members

Did you read about the new Office Depot card for AAOMS members in the recently released OMS Staff CommuniQue? The new card is available on the Bulletin Board for AAOMS members at https://business.officedepot.com along with the details on using this card in any Office Depot retail outlet to obtain the AAOMS member discount. You will no longer have to attach a credit card to your Office Depot account. When you present this pre-printed card at any Office Depot retail store and present it at the time you are purchasing supplies, you can pay with any form of payment you wish—credit card, debit card, cash or check. You must first be enrolled in the AAOMS member program with Office Depot before you can gain entry into the site. For more information on how to enroll, go to the Office Depot page on the ASI site.