Is your PPO compensation fair?

ASI’s newest approved program, Practice Quotient, Inc. will help you answer that question. Practice Quotient is a national managed dental care contract negotiation firm. They use proprietary actuarial data analysis that allows them to leverage years of insurance industry insider experience to negotiate fair market compensation for oral surgeons.

ASI and AAOMS have arranged for a special consultation price of only $150 exclusive to AAOMS members. Visit surgeons/ to learn more about this new ASI approved program, or call (470) 592-1680. Be sure to mention that you are an AAOMS member to receive the special AAOMS member consultation fee.

Important – New Phone Number for Bank of America Merchant Services

Bank of America Merchant Services would like all AAOMS members to know that a new phone number of 877/900-9529 is effective immediately. Their service team answering this number is available for questions about new service, existing service, and special terminal offers. The old “888” number will no longer be a direct line for AAOMS members.

Have you heard about PCIHIPAA’s new OfficeSafe® program?

PCIHIPAA, an ASI approved program, recently introduced a new service called OfficeSafe®. It enables practices to:

• Create customized HIPAA policies and procedures
• Conduct and store results of their mandatory HIPAA risk assessment
• Manage Business Associate Agreements
• Train employees with videos, quizzes and other training materials
• Create emergency and incident response plans
• Access their Data Breach and PCI Compliance monthly coverage
• Access and maintain Data Backup and E-Mail Encyrption account information
• Perform annual PCI self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) requirements
• Perform monthly IP address scanning
• Easily add users and access account information

To learn more go to or contact a PCIHIPAA representative at 800/710-6073.