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AAOMS members who are enrolled in six or more ASI Approved Programs before May 1, 2019 will be honored at the Opening Ceremony at the 2019 AAOMS Annual Meeting in Boston.  To view a list of the 2018 honorees, please click here. To be included in the 2019 ASI Member Awards, enroll in an ASI Approved Program today. A list of these ASI partners and a description of their program are on the ASI site.

Win FREE registration to the 2019 AAOMS Annual Meeting in Boston

The 2019 Share-the-Savings promotion sponsored by AAOMS Services, Inc. (ASI) is officially open again for the new year to all AAOMS members. For more information about this popular promotion, please go to the Share-the-Savings page on the ASI site. All online entries must be received no later than April 19, 2019. AAOMS members can enter as many times as they like featuring a different ASI Approved Program on each entry.

Southern Anesthesia & Surgical Reminds AAOMS Members about RX Alerts

During the past 18 months Southern Anesthesia & Surgical (SAS), an ASI Approved Program, has watched backorders reach unprecedented levels across controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals. It has challenged their processes and systems to keep up with balancing shortages with sudden influxes of product. Especially challenging has been the area of injectable opioids. To receive current updates on this situation, be sure to enroll in SAS’s RX Alerts by contacting their Customer Service Department at 800-624-5926.