Southern Anesthesia & Surgical Reminds AAOMS Members about RX Alerts

During the past 18 months Southern Anesthesia & Surgical (SAS), an ASI Approved Program, has watched backorders reach unprecedented levels across controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals. It has challenged their processes and systems to keep up with balancing shortages with sudden influxes of product. Especially challenging has been the area of injectable opioids. To receive current updates on this situation, be sure to enroll in SAS’s RX Alerts by contacting their Customer Service Department at 800-624-5926.

Bank of America Practice Solutions concerned for customers impacted by Hurricane Michael

Bank of America Practice Solutions is concerned for the safety and well-being of those impacted by Hurricane Michael, and they are aware that many of their Practice Solutions Customers need assistance to get their dental practices up and running. Bank of America Practice Solutions continues to work with Customers affected by severe storms and floods in Florida and Georgia by providing additional assistance with existing loans.  Existing customers should call Bank of America Practice Solutions at 800-491-3622 to learn more about what opportunities exist.

Additionally, many will be in need of financial assistance to rebuild or replace equipment damaged by storms and flooding.  Customers with new loan requests should call Bank of America Practice Solutions at 800-428-2847 to discuss their needs and review loan options available to them.

Also, Bank of America’s Client Assistance Program (CAP) is in place to help customers experiencing distress. They are committed to help impacted customers on a case-by-case basis to assist with their specific needs. Those clients can contact them as follows:

o   Bank of America: 855.729.1764
o   Merchant Services: 800.950.6581
o   U.S. Trust: 866.252.5703
o   Merrill Lynch: 888.534.2034

Most financial centers and other company locations in the storm’s path are operational. Clients can use their financial center and ATM locator to find out what locations are open.

Finally, Bank of America is directing $1 million in funding to Hurricane Michael relief efforts, including $250,000 that was directed to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Looking for cost-saving options at AAOMS Annual Meeting in Chicago next week?

Visit the AAOMS Services, Inc. aisle from Booths 805 through 914 on both sides of the aisle in the Exhibit Hall to find out how AAOMS Services, Inc. Approved Programs can benefit your OMS practice. If you find yourself short on time, stop by Booth 714 to pick up a flier describing all 18 of the Approved Partners.