ASI is the for-profit subsidiary of the

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons


Providing AAOMS Members With High-quality Services At Competitive Prices

AAOMS Services, Inc. (ASI), is dedicated to the ongoing development of relationships with companies that can provide high-quality, affordable products and services that benefit and bring value to AAOMS members. We encourage you to explore the recommended ASI Approved Programs on this site. The revenue these recommended programs provide AAOMS are a source of non-dues income that funds a variety of AAOMS programs throughout the year.

Some of Our ASI Approved Programs

ASI Approved Programs

Financial Services

Merchant services, collections, practice and patient financing

Practice Efficiency

Electronic attachment, coding products, HIPAA compliance, dental inventory management program, automated answering service, payroll and HR services


Supplies and Repairs

Pharmaceuticals and surgical supplies, OMS specialty products, office supplies, pneumatic and electrical drill repair

Specialty Services

Medications, PPO analysis and negotiation, stem cell banking, refining

To print out a PDF with brief descriptions of all ASI Approved Programs, please click here.

The 2019 AAOMS Annual Meeting:

Looking for cost-saving options at the AAOMS Annual Meeting that also benefit the AAOMS?
Visit the ASI Aisle from Booths 419 through 536 on both sides of the aisle in the Exhibit Hall to find out how ASI Approved Programs can benefit your OMS practice. The revenue these recommended programs provide are also a source of non-dues income that funds a variety of AAOMS programs throughout the year. If you find yourself short on time, stop by ASI Booth 526 to pick up a flier describing all 18 of the ASI Approved Programs.


CareCredit has helped numerous patients receive care in my office. Some would not have been able to have the surgery performed for their loved ones without the option of CareCredit. Others were able to use CareCredit and ease the strain of paying their bill with savings or putting it on a credit card with high interest. I and my staff find CareCredit employees informative and friendly.”

Dr. Michael Robinson

Edgewood, Ky.

Nuell is a great service to get end-of-life equipment such as Stryker Core and Oral Max handpieces serviced properly. The service comes with a warranty and has worked very well for my office needs. I highly recommend this service.”

Dr. Joseph Margarone

Williamsville, N.Y.

“I use NEA powered by Vyne to send attachments effortlessly to third party administrators. This has streamlined my processes and improves the morale for my staff. They feel good knowing that I am always looking out for ways to make their job more efficient.”

Dr. Sanil Nigalye

Williamsville, N.Y.