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Offer stem cell banking to your patients and provide them with the opportunity to secure their future health by offering StemSave to recover and bank the powerful and unique stem cells found in their teeth.  StemSave is designed to seamlessly integrate into your practice and provides a non-invasive, convenient and affordable stem cell banking service for your patients.   As a StemSave Provider, you will be joining an ASI Approved Program and offering the industry’s leading stem cell banking service.  Enroll as a StemSave Provider today and enjoy exclusive AAOMS member benefits and experience The StemSave Advantage.

Enhance your Practice. Expand your Care.

Exclusive benefit package for AAOMS members includes:

For details on the program, and to enroll as an AAOMS Member, have your AAOMS Member ID # on hand and

Call us at 1-877-StemSave 877-783-6728