Are you enrolled in 6 or more ASI Approved Programs?

AAOMS members enrolled in six or more ASI Approved Programs before June 1, 2018 will be honored at the Awards Program at the 2018 AAOMS Annual Meeting in Chicago. If you are unsure of the number of ASI Approved Programs you are currently enrolled in, send an email message with your name, AAOMS member ID number and practice address to ASI staff will send a return message with the number of ASI Approved Programs that AAOMS has tagged to your practice.

Be eligible to win FREE registration to 2018 AAOMS Annual Meeting in Chicago

Every year ASI hosts the Share-the-Savings promotion to obtain references about ASI approved programs used by AAOMS members. The testimonials received on the official online entry form on the Share-the-Savings page on this website help to satisfy the numerous questions members ask ASI staff about how the ASI programs are being used by their colleagues—and the level of satisfaction with the programs.

Please help us tell other AAOMS members why you use a specific ASI Approved Program and how the ASI partner has helped your practice. Entries that have completed this qualifying question will be entered in a drawing for free registration at the Association’s 100th Annual Meeting in Chicago in 2018.

Three winners will be selected in random drawings from among the eligible entries on May 1, 2018. See official online entry form for more details and rules.

Did you hear the good news from OfficeDepot/OfficeMax?

Office Depot announced reduction in prices for AAOMS members on specially selected copy and print papers. Go to to learn more. If you cannot enter the website with your login name and password, you are not entered in their database as an AAOMS user. To be entered correctly to receive the AAOMS members discount, please send your name and AAOMS member ID number to