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Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Share-the-Savings promotion.

May 16, 2017

AAOMS and ASI are pleased to congratulate AAOMS members Dr. Matthew Nichols, Dr. Sanil Nigalye and Dr. Daniel Quon who will receive free registration to the 2017 AAOMS Annual Meeting in San Francisco after their entries were randomly drawn as the winners of the Share-the-Savings promotion. Their testimonials are shown below, and the many other entries received from AAOMS members can be viewed in the “Testimonial Box” in the upper right hand page of the ASI site. AAOMS and ASI would like to thank all of the members who took the time to complete an entry for this annual promotion.

OfficeDepot/OfficeMax works great for my practice and the retail stores in my area make it easy to get something at the last minute and still capitalize on savings.  I also use the mail order features for anticipated orders.”
Dr. Sanil Nigalye

“The special discount for AAOMS members on supplies—and the annual rebate—is always appreciated from Southern Anesthesia & Surgical Supplies.”
Dr. Matthew Nichols

“I recommended MedXCom to ASI after using it in my office to replace a live answering service.  MedXCom provided a better option for a more effective way for patients to contact the office and leave messages, or to contact me if I needed to be reached. Calls to my office are recorded and can be easily retrieved and/or responded to on my iPhone MedXCom app.  MedXCom provides a more reliable service with better technology that has made after hours calls from my patients more manageable.”
Dr. Daniel Quon