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Office Depot ID card for AAOMS members now accepted at Office Max retail stores

June 1, 2015

As of June 1, 2015,  your AAOMS/Office Depot Store Purchasing Card is accepted at both Office Max and Office Depot retail stores. If your practice has credit cards that you have registered with Office Depot to obtain the AAOMS corporate discount, they will now be accepted at both stores. As a reminder, these cards will give you either the AAOMS Corporate pricing OR the store pricing—whichever is less at the time of purchase. The card will continue to offer great discounts on your custom printing and promotional needs in the Office Depot Web site Print Shops.

Not sure if you are correctly registered in the AAOMS corporate program with Office Depot? Go to and login. If after logging in, you do not see the “Welcome AAOMS Members” page, you are not registered for the corporate program. To register the practice correctly, contact and provide your name, practice address and phone number. Be sure to place “Office Depot Discount Program” in the subject line, so ASI staff can easily identify the email message. ASI staff will enter your information into the Office Depot database and send an email response to you when new your account is activated for your use.