Share-the-Savings Testimonials

“With all the challenges of insurance billing, having a dedicated electronic claims team using NEA’s Fastattach is critical to the financial success of my practice. They streamline the claims process and ensure prompt reimbursement.  We are pleased with the training and support provided, especially for my newer staff members.  The system seamlessly integrates into our existing software and allows us to submit claims very efficiently. Our reduced costs and ease of use, make the choice to use this system obvious. I strongly endorse NEA’s Fastattach, and see them as a valued partner in our practice.”

Dr. Ronald Marsh

Richland, WA

CareCredit helps my patients receive the treatments they need.”

Dr. Garett Seeba

Webster, Texas

“It is our goal overall as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Practice to not just “be”. We don’t want to be just another building on the street. We are here to serve the community of Katy and Flushear, Texas. CareCredit allows us to serve the community even better especially in the direst of circumstances. As many of you know, this area got hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, and it unfortunately hurt the community bad financially. This ASI program gave our patients a helping hand when they needed it most. We definitely would not be able to serve the community of Katy/Fulshear as effectively without this program.”

Dr. Rodolfo Garza

Cypress, Texas

CareCredit helps to assist our patients in making their treatments more affordable. Sometimes the acceptance by CareCredit is the difference of patients receiving the treatment at all.”

Dr. Pamela Alberto

Sparta, N.J.

“With the current UV fluid national shortage, Southern Anesthesia & Surgical has done a good job to keep my practice stocked with enough materials to not affect my scheduled surgeries. Much appreciated!”

Dr. Joseph Margarone III

Williamsville, N.Y.

CareCredit allows our patients to receive the needed treatments without the practice having to finance it.”

Dr. Peter Nelson

Scottsdale, Ariz.

CareCredit approves 90 percent of our patients who apply. Clients who cannot afford oral surgery now can with the easy approval process through CareCredit.”

Dr. Scott Whitaker

Oxford, Miss.